Limited Edition ‘Raising the Bar’ Vinyl (Not Signed)

Limited Edition ‘Raising the Bar’ Vinyl (Not Signed)

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Order the double vinyl release of 'Raising the Bar.' In addition to the full studio album, this limited edition release includes the hit duet “One Drink Ago” with Dallas Smith.  This product is available exclusively in the Terri Clark Online Store while supplies last.

Release date: 10/4/19

Side 1
1. Givin' Up Givin' A Damn 
2. Cowboys In This Town 
3. Weddings, Funerals, and Empty Hotel Bars 
4. Young As We Are Tonight  

Side 2
5. Half A Bottle Down
6. Bloody Mary Morning
7. Watered Down Whiskey

Side 3
8. As Long As There’s A Bar
9. Right Where You Left Me
10. You Can have this Town
11. The One That Got Away Featuring Drake White

Side 4
12. The Encore
13. Better Than I Was
14. One Drink Ago with Dallas Smith